Should Bulgaria Import Workers from South Asia? Our Readers Have Spoken

A recent survey conducted on our Facebook page has shed light on public opinion regarding Bulgaria's potential importation of workers from South Asia. Of the participants, 74.3% expressed support for the idea, citing its potential to bolster the economy, while 25.7% expressed opposition, fearing potential negative consequences for the country.

The survey results come amidst discussions within the Bulgarian government and business community regarding the acute shortage of skilled labor across various sectors, particularly in industries like tourism, construction, pharmaceuticals, transport, and logistics. With an estimated 27,000 workers needed in the tourism sector alone for the upcoming summer season, stakeholders are exploring alternative solutions to address the pressing labor deficit.

One of the proposed measures includes importing labor from South Asian countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as revealed by Acting Minister of Tourism Evtim Miloshev. Recent amendments to visa laws facilitating extended stays are expected to support this initiative, providing an avenue for skilled workers from third countries to enter the Bulgarian labor market.

The survey results reflect a divergence of opinions among the Bulgarian populace regarding the potential influx of workers from South Asia. While a majority view it as a beneficial move that could stimulate economic growth and alleviate labor shortages, a significant minority expresses concerns about the potential impact on the country.

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