European Parties' Neglect of the Roma is Driving them Towards Anti-EU Factions, Says Roma Foundation for Europe

By ignoring the Roma, main European parties are pushing them into the arms of anti-European forces: Roma Foundation for Europe

  • The proportion of children below the age of 15 among the EU's Roma is two to three times higher than among the majority population.
  • New Survey shows mistrust and disappointment in political institutions among Roma in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Roma Foundation lays out ways to realize the full potential of the Roma by strategic investments in education, training, democratic participation and cultural producers.

As European citizens go to polls this week, Roma Foundation for Europe, the leading organization advocating for 12 million strong Roma in Europe, has called on main parties not to ignore the largest minority in Europe as it pushes them further into the arms of anti-EU forces. In fact, the Foundation urges them to learn from Peter Magyar, Victor Orban's bête noire, who has tapped into public discontent with Hungary's economic woes, and took the rare step of visiting a deprived Roma community during a nationwide campaign tour of nearly 200 towns and villages. This is a bold and suave move by the politician that will potentially gain him support from the largest minority in the country.

Leading political parties are missing out on an important opportunity, explains Zeljko Jovanovic, President of the Roma Foundation.

"We have found that the failure of politicians to reach out to the largest minority has negative consequences. Being overlooked by main parties, combined with economic inequality and discrimination that Roma often face, erode trust and the belief in democracy among Roma, pushing them to...

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