First-Of-Its-Kind Edition of a Global Cybersecurity Conference will be Held in Sofia

A first-of-its-kind edition of a global cybersecurity conference will be held in Sofia
Look out for the Global Cyber ​​Security Summit 2024 in September

The Global Cyber ​​Security Summit 2024 (GCSS) will be held on September 25 in Sofia. The purpose of the conference is to bring together government representatives, corporate leaders, economic and policy experts, the scientific and public sectors, as well as entrepreneurs to examine and discuss global trends and strategies related to cybersecurity for 2024 and beyond, as well as what are the approaches to create a safe and free digital world.

During the conference, various topics will be discussed, including why cyber security is important, what are the "most current" cyber threats, what are the best practices for countering cyber attacks and what are the plans for Bulgaria and Europe for cyber security in the next few years. The program includes individual lectures and discussion panels, where world-renowned names in the field will share their expert opinion. For the first time, during such a forum, a short film and a live theater production dedicated to cyber security will be presented as part of the program.

"In a world where cyber threats are a daily occurrence and threaten huge businesses, it is critical that we join forces and share our knowledge to build a more secure digital future. The Global Cyber ​​Security Summit 2024 is an event that will bring together leading experts from various fields to discuss the most effective strategies to defend against cybercrime. We believe that this event will be a valuable resource for both managers and leaders, as well as people who deal directly with cyber security, and will help lay the...

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