Not takeover but (more) creeping influence in the European Parliament by the far-right

Based on the projections by Europe Elects, the outcome of the 2024 European elections seems set to follow a similar pattern to recent national elections, with a surge in right-wing parties. The next European Parliament (EP) could end up having more members from the extreme right than from the chamber's historically dominant force, the mainstream conservative European People's Party (EPP). 

This is hardly surprising. Right-wing parties are in power or support the government in seven of the EU's 27 countries, including Italy, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The Netherlands is about to join their ranks. Austria is likely to follow later this year. Broadly speaking far-right parties, irrespective of their labeling as nativists, nationalists, conservatives and sovereigntists, have been growing in popularity in EU member-states for years, especially since the 2015 peak of...

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