Dacic: Claims Assembly conclusions erode Dayton Agreement are hypocritical

BELGRADE - Reactions to the All-Serbian Assembly alleging that its conclusions erode the Dayton Agreement are hypocritical because, throughout all these years, we have witnessed the agreement being deliberately eroded by those who are now criticising the Assembly, Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Pink TV, Dacic said some big powers and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina had never been able to get over the fact the Dayton Agreement had been signed at all.

"The solutions that were reached in the agreement were not invented by anyone here, they are an American proposal and the Dayton Agreement is the brainchild of the US. They came up with the Dayton Agreement, in which they clearly laid down the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is unchangeable without the consent of all three peoples and both entities," Dacic noted....

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