Power rates look set to soar

[InTime News]

Electricity consumers should expect further rate hikes in July after the price increase in the wholesale market, while a permanent threat for additional charges is the deficit of the renewables account (ELAPE), which the latest forecasts raise to 600 million euros by year-end, from €450 million in March.

Even with the expected inflows that the competent operator (DAPEEP) anticipates to have from the reduced ETMEAR refunds (fee in favor of RES) and the "green" fee on diesel traffic, the deficit will remain at the high level of €300 million. 

That is the elephant in the room that is growing into a huge problem for the political leadership at the Energy Ministry, which is unlikely to avoid an adjustment of ETMEAR to cover part of the hole. In fact, sources say the ministry has initiated an increase in ETMEAR to the level of 17.65%, a plan that was frozen due to the...

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