Vucic: Under what act does property in BiH belong to central authorities, and not to entities?

BELGRADE - Under what act does public property in Bosnia-Herzegovina belong to the country's central authorities, and not to its entities, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic asked on Tuesday in response to claims from the US embassy in Sarajevo that the conclusions adopted at a recent All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade were an attack on the Dayton Agreement and Bosnia and Herzegovina state institutions.

In a video posted on his buducnostsrbijeav Instagram account, Vucic said criticism levelled at the Assembly by the embassy was "quite interesting."

He noted that the Dayton Agreement regulated the powers of the central authorities and the two entities.

"And I will ask those who said we trampled the Dayton Agreement - our partners from the US embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the most specific question," Vucic added.

"How, where and since when anything...

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