DPS Leader Calls for Dialogue Among Euro-Atlantic Leaders on Bulgaria's Future


Delyan Peevski, chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), has issued a call to all "Euro-Atlantic leaders" to engage in discussions regarding the future of Bulgaria, emphasizing the urgent need for a stable government in the country. Peevski asserts that the recent early parliamentary elections have clearly expressed the will of the Bulgarian citizens, indicating that the time has come for political leaders to assume responsibility and establish a regular government to ensure stability.

In a written statement, Peevski directly addresses GERB leader Boyko Borissov, expecting an invitation from him and other Euro-Atlantic leaders to initiate discussions about Bulgaria's future. Peevski emphasizes that political power is derived from the voters' choices, urging politicians to fulfill the electorate's will by promptly engaging in consultations to devise a formula for forming a stable government.

Peevski dismisses suggestions that the current political model is exhausted and calls for a new project or savior, denouncing such notions as complicity in undermining democracy and its fundamental principles. He emphasizes that democracy is irreplaceable and reaffirms Bulgaria's path as an established Euro-Atlantic nation, stressing the importance of maintaining the security and peace of Bulgarian citizens.

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