Euro 2024 boosts Adana’s watermelon exports

The European Football Championship, set to kick off in Munich, Germany on June 14, has brought an unexpected boon to watermelon producers in Adana.

As football teams from 24 countries, including Türkiye, prepare to compete in the month-long championship, Adana's watermelon harvest aligns perfectly with the tournament, driving significant demand from European markets, especially Germany.

During the harvest, Mehmet Akın Doğan, head of Adana's Yüreğir chamber of agriculture, highlighted the fortuitous timing and said, "This year, the European Football Championship coinciding with our watermelon season made our farmers very happy."

"We expect 8-9 tons of yield from each decare of land in the plain. If prices continue like this, our farmers will rejoice. There may be a problem if prices fall, but with the championship in Europe, our farmers should do well," he added.

Adana's watermelons, known for their quality, are collected, packaged and shipped directly to several European countries. The synchronization with the championship has led to a surge in orders, benefiting both producers and traders.

"There is no shortage of watermelon right now. All our watermelons are collected from the field and after going to the packaging facilities, they are packaged there and sent directly abroad," Doğan explained.

This year, Adana expects a yield of 700,000 tons from 105,000 decares of land. Doğan said that if Adana watermelon brings in good money, the cultivation area will be increased even more next year.

"We expect the European Football Championship to have a doping effect on watermelon. Our watermelon is very popular in Europe. Medium-sized watermelons are particularly favored," Doğan added.

Farmer Mahmut Fırat, who grows...

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