Mosquito-borne diseases on upward trend in EU

[Andre Borges/EPA]

Τhe European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) has highlighted the danger posed by the increase in Europe of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, as a result of climate change. 

The Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger) mosquito, known for transmitting dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses, now has populations in 13 EU countries, including Greece. It is established in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. 

According to a report published Tuesday, the latest data point to an upward trend in the number of dengue cases imported from endemic areas, as well as an increasing number of domestic transmissions of the disease and West Nile virus. It warned that climate change will create environmental conditions favorable for the establishment of mosquito populations, which will lead to further...

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