Private sector’s external debt at $165 billion

The Turkish private sector's total outstanding loans received from abroad recorded $165.1 billion as of April, increasing by $1 billion from the end of 2023, the Central Bank said on June 12.

The long-term loans stood at $154.5 billion, decreasing by $458 million, whereas short-term loans, excluding trade credits, increased by $1.5 billion over the same period to $10.6 billion.

Banks' long-term loan liabilities fell by $1.1 billion, while their bond liabilities increased by $1.7 billion to $16.5 billion.

Non-financial institutions' long-term loan liabilities recorded a decrease of $944 million compared to the end of 2023 and bond liabilities amounted to $10.6 billion, increasing by $475 million as of April, said the bank.

"Regarding short-term loans, banks' loan liabilities realized as $5.2 billion, increasing by $680 million, whereas non-financial institutions' loan liabilities were $1.2 billion, decreasing by $419 million."

Some 58.1 percent of the total long-term loans consists of the U.S. dollar, 35.6 percent euro, while 2.2 percent consists of Turkish Lira and 4.1 percent in other currencies, according to the bank.

The private sector's total outstanding loans received from abroad based on a remaining maturity basis point to principal repayments in the amount of $48.9 billion for the next 12 months as the end of April, said the bank.

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