Pro-Russian Rhetoric and Anti-Euro Sentiments: A New Political Party Rises in Bulgaria

"Greatness" (Velichie/Величие in Bulgarian) garnered 99,852 votes in the Bulgarian parliamentary elections on June 9, surprising many politicians, sociologists, and journalists. Known figures like "Colonel Markov" and Ivelin Mihailov played key roles. Despite being relatively unknown, they managed to secure nearly 100,000 votes, marking the emergence of a new political entity in the National Assembly. Additionally, they received 81,933 votes in the European elections.

Sociologists had not anticipated this outcome, with the party only appearing in the latest Gallup pre-election survey at 1.7%. However, "Greatness," registered less than a year ago, achieved significant electoral success, reminiscent of the rise of the "Ataka" party in 2009, which also took nearly 9 percent of the parliamentary vote, largely due to media influence and populist statements.

"Greatness" addresses its supporters as "Your Majesties" and "soldiers," positioning itself at the extreme end of anti-system formations. Political analysts describe it as a radical and nationalist party, although its precise alignment requires further analysis. Post-election appearances by its leaders have created confusion about whether it belongs to firmly pro-Russian forces, with competitors like "Revival" labeling it as an "American project" meant to curb their influence.

In the 50th National Assembly, it will be interesting to see which positions and votes align between "Greatness" and "Revival," as well as with "There is Such a People" and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), especially regarding Russia's war against Ukraine and arms exports.

After entering parliament, Nikolay Markov ("The Colonel"), who will serve as an MP, and Ivelin Mihailov, who explained that he would remain...

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