Vranjes: I have neither brought nor handed protest note to Serbia

BELGRADE - Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ambassador to Belgrade Aleksandar Vranjes said on Wednesday he had neither brought nor handed Sarajevo's protest note to Serbia over the recent All-Serbian Assembly.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Serbian FM Marko Djuric, Vranjes said he wanted to clarify an unsuccessful attempt by Bosnia and Herzegovina FM Elmedin Konakovic to lodge a protest note to Serbia.

"I have neither brought that note nor handed it to Serbia. They (Sarajevo) tried to do that through me. The Bosnia and Herzegovina FM has no right to create foreign policy actions or the Bosnia and Herzegovina foreign policy. That is a competence of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina," Vranjes said.

He said he had come to thank Serbia for its consistent attitude towards the Dayton Agreement as it had been written and signed, as well as for its...

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