Vucevic: If Kosovo-Metohija issue has been resolved, why the pressure on Serbia?

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Tuesday evening Belgrade stood ready for dialogue with Pristina and that the Belgrade authorities had constantly been involved in dialogue through the government Office for Kosovo-Metohija.

"For some big players in the international arena, Kosovo-Metohija is a solved case, and for others, of course, it is not," Vucevic told the RTS.

"Serbia's question to all those who believe the Kosovo-Metohija issue has been resolved is: Then why the pressure on Serbia?" he added.

He said that, for him, the so-called Kosovo was not an independent state and would never become one.

"It cannot become that until the Serbian side says it is an independent state," Vucevic noted.

He said he believed Pristina PM Albin Kurti's actions on the ground were a much bigger problem.

"He is using the moment and has the support...

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