Vucevic: US embassy demonstrated fundamental lack of knowledge of Dayton Agreement

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Tuesday evening he was not surprised by a negative reaction from the US embassy in Sarajevo to the recent All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade but that he was surprised the embassy had demonstrated a fundamental lack of knowledge of the Dayton Agreement and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution, especially when it comes to property belonging to the country's entities.

Speaking to the RTS, Vucevic said all 53 points of a Declaration signed by Serbia and Republika Srpska at the Assembly were absolutely in the spirit of the Dayton Agreement and in no way led to its obstruction.

"How the (former Yugoslav) republics have regulated the succession of Yugoslav property is one affair, and how the use of property and property ownership rights have been regulated for public property in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a completely different...

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