In Bulgaria You Can Now Withhold Payment If You Do Not Receive a Receipt

Customers in the country are reminded by the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA) that they have the right to withhold payment from a merchant/trader until they receive a receipt. This measure, aimed at preventing traders from concealing their turnover, has been in effect since the beginning of the year following an amendment to the VAT Act.

The NRA's reminder comes as they launch a summer control campaign, which will include checks to ensure merchants are issuing payment documents. Last summer, nearly 1,700 violations were detected in Black Sea resorts, with 433 instances of non-issuance of fiscal receipts, 30 cases of missing fiscal devices, and 362 discrepancies between recorded and actual cash amounts. Over 1,350 acts were compiled, and 280 establishments were shut down.

The most frequent violation involves failing to issue receipts at attractions, fast food outlets, restaurants, and bars. This practice results in hidden income and budget losses, affecting vital sectors such as education, healthcare, and social services. The VAT Law change allows citizens to protect their consumer rights, combat dishonest traders, and promote fair competition.

If payment is withheld and the trader still does not issue a receipt or issues a fake one, customers can report the incident to the NRA via the Information Center at 0700 18 700 and 02 9859 6801, or email The receipt also helps customers protect their rights if purchased goods are defective or dangerous and is necessary for exchanges or returns.

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