Devastating Hailstorm Strikes Bulgaria's Botevgrad Region (VIDEO)

A severe storm swept through Bulgaria's Botevgrad region, causing significant damage in its wake.

Reports indicate that hail, some as large as eggs, wreaked havoc in Botevgrad and neighboring villages. The initial assessments detail widespread destruction, including shattered roof tiles and windows.

Vehicles bore the brunt of the storm, sustaining damage, while agricultural fields suffered extensive losses with crops destroyed by the ice pellets. Additionally, numerous trees and branches were brought down by the intense weather conditions.

Tragically, the storm also claimed the lives of birds struck by the large hailstones, adding to the aftermath of the natural disaster.


Starting from 8 p.m. today (June 13), heavy rainfall commenced in the Pleven region. This precipitation will progress eastward, with a cold front expected to traverse the country over the next 24 hours. The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) anticipates that during the night, there will be scattered thunderstorms and rainfall, primarily affecting Northern Bulgaria. Winds will shift from the west-northwest, ushering in cooler temperatures.

Friday is predicted to bring conditions conducive to powerful thunderstorms and hailstorms, particularly in the southeastern part of Bulgaria during the afternoon.

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