A museum for one of Greece’s great modernists

The museum near the windmills of Ios was designed by Loretta Gaitis and her husband, Jacques Charrat.

Just over 100 years have passed since the birth of Yannis Gaitis (1923-1984) and Greece is finally set to acquire a museum dedicated to one of its pre-eminent modernist painters.

According to events organizer EuroMare, which has been responsible for coordinating the project since 2020, the Gaitis-Simossi Museum (named after the artist and his partner, sculptor Gabriella Simossi) will be formally launched on September 14 on the island of Ios. The opening will coincide with a conference on his life and work that will be moderated by Irene Orati, the artistic director of the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation, which is supporting the event.

"Yannis Gaitis was a native of Tinos but he went to Ios in the mid-1960s during what was a very difficult time for him, after losing both his parents," the chairman of the new museum's board, Haris Antonopoulos, told Kathimerini during a...

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