"Sofia Pride" Backed by 3 Bulgarian Parties in Call for Family Equality

The coalition of liberal parties "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria-Spasi Sofia" (WCC-DB-SS) expressed full support for "Sofia Pride" and all family structures in a declaration at the Sofia Municipal Council meeting. Hristo Koparanov, a municipal councilor, read the declaration, emphasizing that every family, whether it consists of a mother and father, a single parent, or two partners, deserves respect. He highlighted the upcoming "March for Family" and "Sofia Pride" events, calling the opposition between these groups pointless and a false dilemma.

Koparanov stated that family is more than just a traditional structure; it includes single parents, two partners, and anyone people choose to build their lives with. The only type of family not supported by WCC-DB-SS is one that harbors domestic violence and inequality.

He emphasized the responsibility to listen to and protect citizens who feel wronged or live in fear, aiming to make Sofia a safe and accepting city. Koparanov called for ensuring the safety and dignity of all, particularly highlighting the importance of events like "Sofia Pride" in promoting equality and fighting hate speech and misinformation.

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