Chinese EVs in Greek market

BYD's electric vehicle (EV) Qin moves on a street in Beijing, China October 31, 2023. [Reuters/Tingshu Wang]

The European Commission decision to impose, possibly from July, additional duties on Chinese electric vehicles that will reach up to 38.1% creates new conditions for the Chinese automobile industry that is seeking to increase its share in the Greek market as well.

After its investigation into unfair competition (on the grounds that Chinese companies receive state subsidies), Brussels will raise tariffs on Chinese EV imports up to 38.1%. For example, for BYD, whose official representative in Greece is the Sfakianakis Group, the surcharge will be 17.4%.

However, BYD is awaiting the technical details of Brussels' decision, "in order to adapt to the new data and with a view to providing the best service to our customers," as its representatives in Greece tell Kathimerini. Besides, according to what the head of the China Passenger Car Association has stated, the imposition...

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