Five priorities for tourism

The President of SETE, Yiannis Paraschis [INTIME]

Infrastructure, destination management, investment and competitiveness, employment, and sustainability are the five central priorities for the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), according to what its president, Yiannis Paraschis, pointed out on Thursday during its 32nd Annual General Meeting, stressing that "the growth momentum of the strong Greece brand built in recent years shows significant resilience." 

The head of SETE appeared optimistic about this season's performance, pointing out, however, that nothing is certain and the need for a significant effort from all involved to overcome the major challenges facing the sector.

"It is clear that the existing public infrastructures are not sufficient to meet the requirements as we move toward 2030," he said, adding that "important preparatory work has already been done by SETE and our institute at the level of mapping...

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