Serbian construction permits up by 38.1 pct y-o-y in April

BELGRADE - A total 2,723 construction permits were issued in Serbia in April, which was a 38.1 pct increase relative to the same month of 2023.

According to figures released by the national statistical office RZS, 80.8 pct of the total permits were issued for buildings, while other structures made up the remaining 19.2 pct.

When it comes to permits for buildings alone, 79.3 pct were issued for residential buildings and 20.7 pct for non-residential buildings, with pipelines and communications and power lines accounting for the majority (64.8 pct) of other structures, the RZS said.

The highest construction activity is expected in the Belgrade district - 30.6 pct of the planned value of new structures - and the South Backa, Srem, Bor, North Backa and Macva districts follow with 14.2 pct, 9.8 pct, 5.8 pct, 4.8 pct and 4.4 pct, respectively.

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