Cyprus: Bulgarian Man Kills Wife During Violent Dispute

A 48-year-old Bulgarian man has been arrested for the brutal murder of his 41-year-old wife in Tremithousa, Cyprus. The tragic incident occurred around 10 a.m. during a violent argument, culminating in a knife attack. According to Cypriot media, the woman either fell or was pushed from their apartment balcony during the altercation.

She was pronounced dead upon arrival at Paphos General Hospital. Her husband, who sustained injuries, is currently under police guard at the hospital but is not in critical condition. Neighbors reported difficulties in contacting the police during the altercations, leading to a delayed response from law enforcement. A local resident attempted to call the police four times without success. Paphos Police Chief Nikos Tsapis stated that an investigation into the police response is underway.

A police spokesman mentioned that two knives were found at the scene, which are now part of the investigation. Authorities disclosed that the suspect had a history of domestic violence and had a warrant for his arrest from a previous assault.

The woman was found with four stab wounds and probable defensive injuries on her hands. The police are conducting a homicide investigation, and further details are still being worked out. Any issues related to the police response times will be thoroughly investigated.

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