Strong demand for air travel to Cyprus

Airplanes arriving in Cyprus were about 85% full in May, with numbers continuing to climb, according to Maria Kouroupi, director of aviation development and communication at Hermes Airports.

Kouroupi told the Cyprus News Agency on Friday that about 41,000 passengers are passing through Larnaca and Paphos airports daily.

She highlighted that the summer season is off to a stronger start than expected. Earlier this year, airports faced challenges with reduced air travel capacity due to the conflict in Israel and issues with an airline that cut back on flights to Cyprus.

"In recent months, we've worked hard to recover much of the lost capacity," she said.

Regarding the Israeli market, Kouroupi noted they are operating at about 90% of typical levels. One airline has increased seats, nearly restoring its full schedule, while others have also added new routes...

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