Ephesus Experience Museum wins award in Las Vegas

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has announced that the Ephesus Experience Museum, located in the ancient city of Ephesus and a UNESCO World Heritage Site has won the Mondo-Dr Awards.

In a written statement, the ministry said that the Ephesus Experience Museum, which left its competitors behind in its field, made its name heard in the world with the Mondo-Dr Award, one of the world's most distinguished awards in the fields of technology, design and exhibition in Las Vegas.

The seventh Mondo-Dr Awards, organized by the U.K.-based Modriale Publishing magazine, was held in Las Vegas on June 12 this year.

Leaving behind museums such as Paris Eternal Mucha and Denmark's Carl Nielsen and Regan Vest, the Ephesus Experience Museum competed against Aramco VIP Visitor Center in Riyadh, India in Fashion in India and Dome Des in Paris in the finals and won the award in the "Museums" category at the Mondo-Dr 2024 Awards. Last year's winner of the award was the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

The awards, organized to recognize the best projects and achievements in the exhibition and hospitality sector, focus especially on the design of the venues, visitor experience and technical equipment.

The Ephesus Experience Museum is located in the ancient city of Ephesus right across from the famous Ancient Theater in İzmir's Selçuk district.

One of the first examples of experience museology in Türkiye, the Ephesus Experience Museum offers its visitors a rich, inclusive and immersive audio and visual experience with new-generation technologies from the world and Türkiye, while closely introducing the fascinating structures and daily life of ancient Ephesus, one of the most important trade centers in history.

The museum was also included in...

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