Fidan urges diplomacy to end Ukraine conflict at peace conference

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has addressed nearly 100 senior executives at the Ukraine Peace Conference, expressing deep concern over the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

At the conference in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, Fidan said casualty estimates exceeded 500,000, emphasizing that the war has turned into a brutal conflict.

"This has now turned into a war of attrition," Fidan stated. "This tragedy can worsen every day in the 21st century."

Fidan warned of the conflict's potential to escalate beyond Ukraine, causing global polarization. "We are already seeing deepening lines in this conflict," he said. "This could soon become more than just a war."

Highlighting the risk of weapons of mass destruction, Fidan stressed the urgent need for diplomatic solutions. "Today we are gathered to prevent these risks and end the war," he noted. He referenced the Ukraine Peace Plan and Russia's recent conditions, describing them as crucial steps towards peace.

"This conference could be the last exit before the bridge," Fidan remarked, noting the importance of Russia's participation in the summit. "A comprehensive strategy that uses diplomacy and negotiations is increasingly needed."

Fidan outlined Türkiye's diplomatic efforts, citing the Istanbul talks in March 2022 and the Black Sea Grain Initiative as successful examples of negotiation progress. He reiterated Turkey's readiness to facilitate peace processes and emphasized the inclusive nature of these initiatives.

"Türkiye remains steadfast in its support for Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence," Fidan affirmed. "Our vision for peace is realistic, inclusive, and practical. As President Erdoğan stated, a just peace will have no losers."

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