Teams mobilize to recover body of Iranian climber in Mount Ağrı

Teams have initiated a search operation to retrieve the body of an Iranian mountaineer who died during an ascent trip on Mount Ağrı, Türkiye's highest peak.

Over the weekend, three climbers from Iran embarked on a climb up the mountain in the country's eastern province of Ağrı.

After reaching the summit, which stands at an imposing 5,137 meters, the climbers began their descent. Upon descending to approximately 4,600 meters, 47-year-old climber Akbar Halil allegedly slipped and fell, subsequently sliding down to an altitude of 4,300 meters, where he succumbed to his injuries.

In response to the distress signal sent by the surviving climbers, numerous search and rescue teams were dispatched to the area.

A team comprising five professional climbers was airlifted by a military helicopter and deployed at a base camp situated at an altitude of 3,200 meters on Mount Ağrı. Due to the heightened risk of avalanches, the climbers initially postponed the rescue operation. However, the search efforts were resumed on the morning of June 16.

Mount Ağrı, revered as Türkiye's pinnacle annually witnesses numerous attempts to reach its summit, yet the number of successful ascents remains relatively sparse. Throughout the year, Turkish media frequently report on the rescue of climbers stranded during their summit endeavors.

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