Angry voters boost far-right in the north

The far-right vote in the European Parliament election was especially strong in Greece. And nowhere was it stronger than in the northern regional unit of Pella.

There, the hard-right populist Greek Solution achieved one of its best results: second place, with 17.28% of the vote, almost double its national score (9.30%).

The ultra-religious Niki (Victory) got 8.19%, against 4.37% overall.

Voice of Reason may have not matched its overall score, but still got a respectable 2.88%.

Ruling center-right New Democracy polled 27.61%, just below its national score of 28.31%.

What caused the local voters to turn to Greek Solution leader Kyriakos Velopoulos? It's not only that he is a northerner - "our boy," many locals called him.

It was also, above all, his uncompromising opposition to the 2018 Prespa Agreement with neighboring North Macedonia, his...

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