Bulgarian Coalition Talks Begin: GERB and DPS Navigate Political Alliances

Negotiations between GERB and DPS to form a government began after a delay caused by disputes over seating arrangements in the plenary hall. Contrary to expectations, Delyan Peevski, co-chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), did not participate, in line with Boyko Borissov's decision not to lead the talks personally. Despite this, both sides quickly found common ground on various issues.

GERB had invited all parliamentary parties for talks over two days, with Borissov's team, including Denitsa Sacheva, Temenuzhka Petkova, and Raya Nazaryan, leading negotiations. This followed unsuccessful talks with "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria."

Representing DPS in the negotiations were Iskra Mihailova, Yordan Tsonev, Stanislav Anastasov, Bajram Bajram, Erten Anisova, and Elvan Gyurkash. Discussions focused on attracting foreign investors, implementing capital programs, and agreeing on anti-corruption reforms, with the immediate priority being rules for a new anti-corruption commission and possibly drafting a new Penal Code.

Denitsa Sacheva clarified that specific names for the Council of Ministers were not yet discussed, but it was indicated that both the Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament would likely be from GERB, signaling a government of shared responsibility.

Talks hinted at a forthcoming coalition agreement, with Sacheva emphasizing the need for a government given voter preference for a pro-European stance and significant expenses incurred during elections.

Meanwhile, "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" confirmed their opposition stance to a GERB-led cabinet, opting out of negotiations. "Revival" reiterated support only for their cabinet and set conditions for accepting a third exploratory...

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