PASOK must give voice to the party base

'At this moment, the priority is to agree and carve out the roadmap of the changes that need to be immediately set in motion,' Athens Mayor Haris Doukas tells Kathimerini when asked if he would be a candidate in a possible leadership race. [Menelaos Myrillas]

Those who argue that Haris Doukas is the person who can play a central role in the future of PASOK and the center-left justify their view by saying that "left-wing voters support him and right-wing voters are not afraid of him." In this interview with Kathimerini, the mayor of Athens lays out a comprehensive political framework for the regrouping of PASOK through what he describes as a "participatory shock," the immediate, en masse appeal to the base of the party. He also speaks broadly about the prospects of the center-left, thereby declaring that he is present in the developments on the central political stage.

Is there a center-left after last Sunday's election result? Does it exist as a coherent political space that can be claimed, unified, and form an alternative, or has the majority of its voters definitively moved to other options?

The voters...

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