Putin Seeks Legitimate Guarantees for Ukraine Peace Negotiations

@Wikimedia Commons

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed openness to negotiations with Ukraine but insists on guarantees for their legitimacy, as reported by BTA and Russian agencies quoting Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Peskov emphasized that Ukrainian President Zelensky is not considered a reliable counterpart for written agreements, deeming any such agreements as de jure illegitimate, according to TASS.

Peskov stated that any potential agreements with Kyiv would require assurances to confirm their legitimacy, highlighting the complexity of reaching a balance of interests and acknowledging the realities on the ground. He underscored the necessity of a robust system of guarantees to ensure the implementation of these agreements, calling this task "very difficult."

Additionally, Peskov suggested that Zelensky might need to contemplate a peace agreement with Putin, given the deteriorating military situation for Ukraine. He remarked that a politician prioritizing his homeland's interests over personal or external influences might consider such a proposal.

Meanwhile, a two-day international meeting in the Swiss resort of Bürgenstock saw participation from over 90 countries, focusing on uniting efforts to end Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia was notably absent from this conference.

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