Flying cockroaches inundate Larissa

[InTime News/File photo]

The municipal authority of Larissa has been fielding dozens of complaints in the past two weeks from citizens who have seen their homes, businesses and streets inundated by big flying cockroaches.

According to the deputy mayor of the central Greek city, Konstantinos Argyropoulos, the appearance of large numbers of the specific species is not uncommon in Larissa in the summer, particularly after a mild winter, but this year's infestation appears particularly acute, local news outlet Eleftheria has reported.

Experts speaking to the outlet added that recent flooding in the area has also contributed to the problem by flushing the cockroaches out into the open.

Identified as Periplaneta americana (or American cockroach), the pest inundating Larissa is the largest and fastest among common cockroach species and can spread at a rapid pace thanks to its ability to fly.<...

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