Kasselakis seeks prosecutor’s action on lawyer’s homophobic comment

[Intime News]

SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis has requested that a public prosecutor intervene after the law office of Alexis Kougias released a homophobic statement asking him to clarify whether he is the man or the woman in his same-sex marriage. 

The statement was a response to Kasselakis, who had previously taken issue with Kougias over his remarks concerning the domestic violence case against criminal lawyer Apostolos Lytras. 

Appearing on ANT1 TV on Tuesday, Kougias claimed that Lytras' charges of severe intentional bodily harm against his 37-year-old wife were "too harsh" because the offender was "manly" enough to confess to the crime. 

Kasselakis responded on social media, stating, "There is nothing 'manly' about abuse." 


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