Turk jailed pending trial in Greece over gun attack at supermarket

[Intime News]

A 22-year old Turkish national was jailed pending trial in Greece on Tuesday after killing another Turk and seriously injuring a third in a gun attack, with police sources saying both victims were members of a criminal gang.

The gun attack took place at a supermarket in the port city of Piraeus on Friday afternoon.

The 22-year old man confessed when he appeared before a prosecutor on Tuesday, who ruled that he should be detained pending trial, a legal source said. He told police last week that the attack was an act of revenge for his uncle's death and it was not related to criminal gang activities.

The victims, a 42-year old man who died after being shot multiple times and a 23-year old man who is being treated in hospital for bullet wounds to the chest, were members of the "Baygaralar" criminal gang that has been operating in Turkey's Adana city, the sources...

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