UNESCO excursions kick off in Ankara

In an effort to promote cultural heritage and enhance tourism, the Ankara Municipality has inaugurated UNESCO World Heritage excursions.

The initiative highlights the ancient city of Gordion and the Arslanhane Mosque, both recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The program features a series of complimentary, expert-guided tours aimed at educating and inspiring both locals and visitors.

The new tours are part of the broader "Ankara Heritage Site Excursions," an initiative designed to expand the city's tourism repertoire and rejuvenate its historical narrative.

The endeavor underscores the municipality's long-standing efforts to preserve and showcase Ankara's rich historical legacy.

Gordion, located near modern-day Polatlı, is famed as the ancient capital of the Phrygian Kingdom. It is renowned for its links to King Midas and the legendary Gordian Knot.

Archeological excavations at the site have uncovered significant artifacts, including royal tombs and robust fortifications, offering valuable insights into Phrygian culture and history.

Meanwhile, Arslanhane Mosque, situated in Ankara's historic Ulus district, dates back to the 13th century, making it one of the city's oldest mosques.

Celebrated for its exquisite Seljuk architecture, the mosque boasts intricate woodwork and stone carvings. It stands as a remarkable example of the artistic and cultural accomplishments of the Seljuk period in Anatolia.

The new tours provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore these historic landmarks under the guidance of experts.

The inaugural tour witnessed enthusiastic participation from Ankara's residents.

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