Country house building flurry


The increases in the sale prices of holiday homes and the consistently high buying interest from abroad have led to large growth in the construction of new holiday properties across Greece.

According to ELSTAT data processed by Elxis, which specializes in country houses, the increase in construction activity in selected areas is multiple times that of Attica, which is showing signs of saturation.

In the 12-month period of March 2023 to February 2024, there were significant increases in private construction activity based on volume. On an annual basis the increase in the Ionian Islands reached 58.2% (and by 50.2% based on the area, while based on the number the increase is 31.3%), in Western Greece 38.1%, and on Crete 37.4%. In the same period, in Attica the increase was only 7.9%.

Even more evident is the distance observed between Attica and the other regions...

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