Putin and Kim Jong Un Sign Landmark Strategic Pact in Pyongyang

In Pyongyang, Russian and North Korean leaders have signed a broad strategic partnership agreement, as reported by TASS. Yuri Ushakov, an adviser to Vladimir Putin, clarified that the agreement covers various aspects including security issues. He mentioned that this new agreement will replace earlier treaties such as the Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Assistance from 1961, the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighbourliness from 2000, and the Moscow and Pyongyang Declarations of 2000-2001.

Talks between Putin and Kim Jong-un have begun in Pyongyang at the Kumsusan residence
Putin was greeted in the center of the North Korean capital by his huge portrait, a military parade and people with flowers and flags.
For his part, Kim Jong-un expressed support for Russia's… pic.twitter.com/q3kNfOElkn

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) June 19, 2024

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