The best alternative to dating apps? Running clubs, apparently

Cindy Sandjo, left, who joined a local running club mainly for the exercise and the sense of community, in Dallas, Texas on June 10. Inspired by one thirsty TikTok video after another, users are hoping to find their next romantic encounter at the finish line. [Shelby Tauber/The New York Times]

Cindy Sandjo, a 29-year-old content creator who works in IT and lives in Dallas, was initially interested in joining a running club because she was in search of other Black people she could connect with.

She joined her first run at the end of May and immediately began posting videos about her newfound interest on social media. She was quickly informed by her followers that running clubs "are the new dating apps."

"I joined for the running and also for the community, just to find people that have similar interests as me," she said. "But I stayed because, yeah, it's an opportunity for me to find a husband."

A recent flurry of videos on TikTok and Instagram suggests that running clubs, in addition to being a great way to improve one's health and train with other like-minded individuals, are also the new way to date. Why chase potential lovers online when they may...

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