Heat Wave Chaos: From Hajj Tragedy to Tropical Storms and Flooding

A widespread heat wave has enveloped regions across the US, Europe, and parts of the Balkans, bringing severe consequences in various areas. In Saudi Arabia, the annual Hajj pilgrimage has been marred by extreme temperatures, with reports indicating that over 500 pilgrims have tragically lost their lives due to the scorching conditions. Temperatures soared to 51.8 degrees Celsius in Mecca, making it one of the hottest periods experienced during this massive religious gathering.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the Northeast continues to endure the sweltering effects of the ongoing heat wave, while Texas braces itself for the impact of Tropical Storm Alberto. The storm is anticipated to bring significant rainfall and strong winds up to 50 mph (80 km/h) to coastal areas of Texas and Mexico as it develops in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.

In Romania, a Code Orange alert for dangerous heat has been issued for Bucharest and 16 counties, with temperatures expected to reach between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. Approximately 2 million people are at risk and authorities are preparing emergency measures to support those in need throughout the week.

Serbia is also experiencing intense heat, with temperatures forecasted to remain high until Saturday. Authorities have advised the public to exercise caution during this period of extreme weather conditions.

Across the Republic of North Macedonia, temperatures ranging from 33 to 40 degrees Celsius are predicted in the coming days, prompting a Code Orange warning nationwide until Sunday.

In Kosovo and Albania, a heat wave has gripped the region following weeks of heavy rainfall, leading authorities to anticipate temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius throughout the week.

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