Putin Applauds Vietnam's Diplomatic Stance on Ukraine Amid Controversial Visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Vietnam for its diplomatic approach to Ukraine during his visit to Hanoi, which followed his recent trip to North Korea. The arrival in the Vietnamese capital was met with extensive preparations, including posters of Putin lining the streets and careful maintenance of a monumental Lenin statue, a Soviet gift to Vietnam that remains a symbol of historical ties.

"I am delighted that our leaders invited President Putin. The people warmly welcome him due to Vietnam and Russia's longstanding and close relationship," remarked a local resident.

In contrast to the lavish reception in North Korea, Putin's welcome in Vietnam is more subdued, reflecting the host's efforts to maintain amicable relations with the United States alongside its historical ties with Russia. Vietnam considers Russia a significant partner, particularly in defense where it relies heavily on Russian arms supplies. Both nations also cooperate extensively in the oil sector through joint ventures.

This marks Putin's fifth visit to Vietnam, his last being in 2017 during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. During his current visit, Putin emphasized Russia's commitment to enhancing dialogue with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), of which Vietnam is a key member.

"The strengthening of relations between our two countries is of utmost importance," Putin affirmed.

While Russia-Vietnam ties deepen, the United States has criticized Hanoi for extending the invitation to Putin, citing concerns over providing a platform to promote what they describe as Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine. The US Embassy in Vietnam issued a statement asserting that no country should offer such a platform to...

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