Refugees share their culinary heritage at UNHCR cooking festival in Athens

Khane Habdulla (left) and Rita Kavvathas at the Dopios restaurant. [UNHCR/Socrates Baltagiannis]

Chef Khane Habdulla, a Kurdish refugee from Iraq, shared her recipes at Dopios restaurant in Athens as part of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) initiative to give refugees opportunities to share their cuisines with the Greek community.

The Cooking with Refugees Festival, now in its fifth year, began with a bang on Monday and continues through June 20. Refugee chefs and cooks from Iran, Guinea, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria are working alongside Greek chefs in Athenian restaurants to offer the public a fusion of flavors and cultures.

"The festival offers a chance to share stories and provide help through a means that brings us closer together with ease - food," explained Eva Savvopoulou from the UNHCR Communications Public Information Unit. The Cooking with Refugees Festival is taking place this week around World Refugee Day, June 20, "aiming...

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