Air conditioner demand rising at great pace in Istanbul

Air conditioner vendors are overwhelmed and working extended shifts amid soaring demand for air conditioners as sweltering heat sweeps Istanbul.

As Istanbulites seek relief from the hot summer weather, they have turned to air conditioner vendors and ice manufacturers, who are reporting stock shortages due to excessive demand.

Indicating that they are having a hard time running off in all directions to repair the broken air conditioners, workers handling the installation of the air conditioners have remarked that they hardly have time to mount the newly bought ones.

Ali Arslan, a graduate in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology with eight years of experience in the field, stated that they attract huge demand particularly during the summer months. "While orders are increasing considerably, malfunctions due to misuse or overuse are also mounting up. Sometimes we even have to postpone new air conditioner installations to later dates," he said.

Referring to potential malfunctions, Arslan suggested that air conditioners should be initially set at 23 degrees rather than the lowest setting of 18 degrees, noting that this allows the air conditioner to optimize its performance and gradually lower the temperature as needed.

Meanwhile, Ali Çınar, who has been working as an ice manufacturer for 25 years, said that they are unable to keep up with the demand, emphasizing that they have witnessed at least a 30 percent uptick in orders compared to previous summers.

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