Crocodile-shaped island attracts tourists

Crocodile Island, a captivating natural formation resembling a crocodile in the northeastern province of Ordu's Perşembe district, entices both nature enthusiasts and visitors alike.

The island is a favorite spot for nature lovers, and its sandy beach, part of the Inventory for the Protection of Cultural Assets, serves as a popular public beach. From certain angles, the island's silhouette strikingly resembles a crocodile in the water.

Local resident Yavuz Oğuz highlighted the island's crocodile-like appearance.

"In the summer months, this place is considered a vacation spot for people. The island actually looks exactly like a crocodile, but you need to view it from the right perspective. People are curious and come here," he explained.

Another resident, Zekiye Şahin, praised the area's natural beauty. "This point is a very beautiful bay, and it looks very similar to a crocodile. It is a natural island, people come here out of curiosity and they like it very much. When you look at it from the top, it really looks very much like a crocodile," she said.

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