Greeks still avid smokers despite EU quitting trend

Although Greece is one among 11 EU countries where the number of smokers has significantly decreased in recent years, more than one in three still indulge in the habit despite the outdated "fashion" of cigarettes and the proven health risks, consuming on average more cigarettes on a daily basis than other Europeans.

The most recent special Eurobarometer report in June on the smoking habits of EU citizens states that 36% of Greeks use tobacco products, such as pack or roll-up cigarettes, a percentage that is significantly higher than the average for EU nations, where 24% of people smoke. Bulgaria is the only nation with a higher smoking rate (37%).

On average, Greek smokers consume an average of 18.13 cigarettes per day, which is highest in the EU, where the average is 14.1.

On a positive note, the results showed that the smoking trend among Greeks aged 15-24 is...

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