Multiple fire fronts in the Peloponnese, several villages evacuated

File photo.

According to the fire department, there are currently multiple fire fronts in the Peloponnese region of southern Greece, with several villages receiving messages from 112 to evacuate on Friday.

While fires are blazing in the areas of Ilia, Achaia, Megalopolis, and Argolida, the situation in Ilia remains the most difficult, the fire department spokesperson, Vasilis Vathrakogiannis, stated in a Friday evening briefing.

He noted that many evacuations of citizens have taken place, while 120 firefighters with four ground teams and 43 vehicles have been dispatched to the area. Additionally, 19 waterbombing airplanes and helicopters were assisting from the air until sunset.

In other areas, the situation has improved, however, Vathrakogiannis highlighted that the fires were dangerous as in some cases the wind was blowing at 120 km/h. "Firefighters fought hard and are...

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