Staying safe on Greek trails

A tourist walks in the village of Rovinia on the island of Corfu, earlier this month.  [Reuters]

I just returned to the US from a great three-week vacation in Greece. My wife and I like to visit Greece mid-May to early June and avoid the intense heat. We returned to the US June 4, just when Greece started experiencing a heatwave. This was the time that the first of a number of tourists was lost and some are still missing. As it happens, I also like to hike and I have some experience. While on Crete my wife and I hiked two gorges as well as a hiking trail. Comparing my experience hiking in Greece and the US with that of the recently missing tourists, I noticed some important differences.

I like to hike as early in the day as possible; that way I avoid the midday heat, especially during Greek summers. I think some of the people missing started their hike a bit later. I never hike alone; I usually hike with my wife and often with a group of friends. The Samaria Gorge has...

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