Türkiye welcomes Armenia's recognition of Palestinian state

Türkiye has welcomed Armenia's decision to recognize a Palestinian state amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

"As we have always emphasized, the recognition of Palestine is a requirement of international law, justice and conscience," said a Foreign Ministry statement released on June 21.

Türkiye will continue its efforts to encourage more countries to recognize Palestine, the statement affirmed.

Armenia announced its recognition of a Palestinian state on June 21, becoming the latest country to do so during the war in Gaza.

A series of countries have recognized Palestine amid the war between Israel and Hamas, drawing strong rebuke from Israeli officials.

"Confirming its commitment to international law, equality of nations, sovereignty and peaceful coexistence, the Republic of Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine," Yerevan said.

Armenia added that it is "genuinely interested in establishing long-term peace and stability in the Middle East."

Yerevan, which has itself been ridden by conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan for decades, slammed Israel's military conduct in Gaza.

"Armenia deplores using civilian infrastructure as shields during armed conflicts and violence towards civilian populations," the ministry said.

It also deplored Hamas for "the captivity of civilian persons" and said it "joins the demands of international community on freeing them."

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