Albanian integration and acceptance in Greece

Albanians living in Greece stand in queue prior to an event attended by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, in the Galatsi suburb of Athens, on May 12.  [AP]

It is hard to imagine everyday life in Greece without them; people with Albanian roots perform essential work for many day-to-day services, especially in the skilled trades. Their relationship with the majority Greek population has seen ups and downs.

The times when migrants from the neighboring country on the Adriatic were viewed as dangerous competition and often faced racial discrimination are a thing of the past. Gone is the widespread anti-Albanian sentiment of the 1990s, when hundreds of thousands of people flocked across the southern border in search of a better future after the collapse of communism.

Today, migrants from Albania make up the largest group of foreigners in Greece, with almost two thirds of registered foreigners coming from Albania. Although they are the largest group with a migrant background, Greece's Albanians are the least visible, having...

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