Diving activities strike up in Van Lake

Diving activities have started in Van Lake, the world's largest soda lake dating back 800,000 years, as sweltering summer temperatures set in.

Van Lake, formed in the aftermath of the eruption of the volcanic Mount Nemrut, extends like a sea with an area of ​​3,713 square kilometers, sparking attention from dive enthusiasts.

Standing out as one of the prominent hotspots in terms of diving tourism, the lake has recently welcomed members of the Underwater Search and Rescue Training Association (AKEM) as they have completed the first dives of the season.

The head of the association, Halil İbrahim Atacan, has remarked that the season has started late as a result of the weather warming up slowly, and that they practiced their first dives as soon as the water temperature rose. "We anticipate a season full of nice and successful dives," he said.

Atacan pointed out Van Lake's high altitude and stated that this qualification alone was enough to mark it as "attraction center" in terms of diving. "Because we know that every diver would love to dive in high-altitude water," he said.

Drawing attention to the richness of the water, Atacan has highlighted that the lake contains pearl mullet, microbialites and "little coral of Van Lake," serving the divers three special meeting points.

Atacan has invited amateur and professional divers to explore the depths of Van Lake, which are full of mysteries and secrets.

"We expect diving enthusiasts to enroll in diving training schools in order to explore the magical world of Van Lake," Atacan emphasized.

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