Sofia Pride 2024 Will be Held Today at Battenberg Square

The largest peaceful march for human rights will take place for the 17th consecutive year

Sofia Pride 2024 will be held today, June 22, at Battenberg Square. The doors to the biggest event in support of human rights open at 14:00 and the concert will start at 16:00. The peaceful protest march through the streets of Sofia, which is being held for the 17th year in a row, will start from Battenberg Square after 19:00.

The organizers shared the participation and safety rules on the Sofia Pride website - Due to the expected high temperatures on Saturday, it is recommended that participants wear hats and sun protection. Sufficient water will be provided. During the last editions of Pride, there have been no incidents so far, due to the good coordination with the Sofia Police and additional security. However, to get to the event safely, Pride recommends that participants move in groups without displaying accessories associated with the LGBTQ+ community, and use public transport or taxis to get to and from the event. Participants in Sofia Pride are invited not to provoke or respond in any way to provocations by people outside the procession.


The stage of Sofia Pride 2024 will welcome some of the most popular and popular artists in Bulgaria - Mila Robert, Dara Ekimova, Lidia, Mihaela Marinova, Venci Venc', Irina Florin, Vanya Shtereva, the rock group Overhook, the singer YVA and the Ukrainian singer Orfi. The organizers for the second year in a row will give young artists the opportunity to perform and sing in front of thousands. This year they are the magnetic singer GABÓ, the captivating trio VIVA, the alternative and always ready to break clichés Elittna, the charismatic artists Yasen and Robin, representing modern...

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